February 2020 Mission Gateway

President’s Message

Betty Morin, Branch President

Thank you for your past participation in our branch’s activities and I look forward to your increased participation in 2020, the Year of the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment authorizing the Women’s Right to Vote. There will be many opportunities for you to engage in activities associated with that issue this year as well as to exercise your constitutional right to vote:
• The California Primary Election is scheduled for March 3, 2020, earlier this year with a new procedure in place. (Vote! Vote! Vote!)
• On March 8, LACIC is sponsoring a “100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment” event at the Women’s Club of Pasadena. Don your Suffragette paraphernalia and meet AAUW members from all over Los Angeles County.
• Attend the April 17 – 19 AAUW California Convention and hear more about ballot measures that align to AAUW’s mission.
• Attend the April 20 branch Annual Meeting to enjoy our first “Readers’ Theatre” production featuring “Eleanor Roosevelt” and renowned personalities who visit with her to discuss the struggle to establish women’s rights.
• At this same Annual Meeting, you will be called upon to vote on two issues: 1) a proposal important to the financial health of the branch as well as 2) the slate of incoming 2020-21 Board officers. More information to follow. (Vote! Vote! Vote!)
• And the main event, the November, 2020 Presidential election. (Vote! Vote! Vote!)
So in case my message was not clearly presented, exercise your right to…
Vote! Vote! Vote!