September 2021 Mission Gateway

President’s Push

Joe DesBarres, Branch President

I’m happy and thankful to be writing to you via my September President’s PUSH. I chose this title because I expect you, our membership, to push me in the direction you envision for our branch. In turn, I aspire to push you to consider new directions for our branch to serve our communities. We are, after all, a service organization dedicated to advancing our vision of gender equity for women and girls.

This brings to mind 2021’s Equal Pay Days (AAUW), i.e., how far into the new year women must work to be paid what men were paid in the previous year:

Asian American & Pacific Islander Women’s Equal Pay Day (3/9/2021)
$0.85 for every dollar paid to white men.


All Women’s Equal Pay Day (3/24/2021)
$0.82 for every dollar…

Mothers’ Equal Pay Day (5/5/2021)
$0.70 for every dollar…

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day (8/3/2021)
$0.63 for every dollar…

Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day (9/8/2021)
$0.60 for every dollar…

Latinas’ Equal Pay Day (10/2/2021)
$0.55 for every dollar…

At AAUW we are working not only to achieve pay equity for these women, but for their children and grandchildren—as success will take a generation or two. I hope no more, as I’m optimistic. This is akin to a crusade to right a demonstrable wrong!

Join me in congratulating our Creative Crafters Interest Group for originating and spearheading the construction of fleece blankets for toddlers at La Casa San Gabriel. Look for more information in an article elsewhere in this Newsletter.

Join me in congratulating our Tech Trek Committees (North and South) for sending 19 girls to this year’s virtual Tech Trek Camp. These committee members saw to it that each Trekker received their materials packet and were completely prepared to participate in camp activities. Look elsewhere in this Newsletter for information on our September General Meeting featuring Tech Trek!

And finally, join me in congratulating our Scholarship Committee for initiating and activating our AAUW Alhambra-San Gabriel Branch Scholarship at East Los Angeles College. This STEM scholarship is available primarily to female graduates of high schools in the communities we serve. In October, we’ll welcome the ELAC Foundation Director as our General Meeting’s featured guest. You’ll be apprised in more detail about this scholarship fund and how you may participate.

As you can see, we have a number of important projects in the works, and I’m “pushing” you enthusiastically to add more community-based projects as this program year moves forward. Don’t hesitate to let me know your ideas, inspirations and insights (310-363-3457 or joedesbarres@gmail.com).

Oh, and yes, the title for my monthly column, The President’s Push, is not mine. I’ve borrowed it from the Reverend Jesse Jackson who founded Operation PUSH in 1971. It stood for People United to Save Humanity. Its goal was to improve the economic status of African Americans in Chicago. President Barack Obama was 10 years old at the time…

Advancing Our Vision,